Research Institute for Citrus and Subtropical Fruit (ICSFRI) tasked with carrying out research activities of citrus, apple, grape, litchi and other subtropical fruits are obliged to play a role in the development of agribusiness through the provision of technological services and research innovation. Hall Peneitian Citrus and Subtropical Fruit (ICSFRI) openly offered an opportunity for the user to utilize human resources, facilities and information owned and produced as a real contribution to national development. ICSFRI services can be used by the agribusiness, local government, research institutions, development and education as well as individuals such as students, researchers, lecturers, etc.. Several types of services that exist in ICSFRI – See more at:

1.Visits / Comparative Study on the topic :

  • Cultivation of Citrus & Subtropical Fruit
  • Tourism Education
  • PIT Management, BF, BPMT & Disease Free Citrus Seedlings
  • Introduction to Pests & Diseases Citrus and Subtropical fruit
  • Plant Breeding

2. Apprenticeship / Training for farmers and workers

  • Raising Healthy Citrus & Subtropical Fruit (Apples, Grapes, Longan, Strobery)
  • BF Management, BPMT & Disease Free Citrus Seedlings
  • Citrus indexing
  • Based JIITJ Website
  • Top Technical Working Fruit
  • Propagation Tan. Oranges through the SE & Tissue Culture

To organize an internship / training, available trainers and a range of facilities include:

  • Trainers consists of researchers and technicians are experienced and skilled in the art
  • Debriefing room facilities are equipped with theory and discussion of audio-visual equipment
  • Integrated Laboratory
  • Facilities breeding and cultivation practices
  • Experimental Garden and the garden germplasm collection
  • Accommodation facilities for trainees with a capacity of 8 beds

3. Consultation

  • Agribusiness opportunities: Regarding prospects for development of various commodities of a region that will be developed including land suitability, cultural techniques, processing and market opportunities.
  • Cultivation Techniques: Hatchery / nursery, land preparation, fertilization, irrigation and pest and disease control.
  • Internships vacation, street vendors, Thesis for students

4. Work Practice Field / Industry, Research Guidance:

  • Citrus & Subtropical Fruit Cultivation
  • Somatic embryogenesis of Engineering
  • Multiplication Plants Through Tissue culture
  • Characterization of Some Citrus Var.Tanaman
  • Propagation of Citrus & Subtropical Fruit
  • Identification & inventory of pest / disease of citrus
  • Identification of zygotic embryo of Citrus
  • Multiplication conventional plant