Balitjestro has a special library units to accommodate and manage a bibliography derived either from the exchange of publications with other research institutions in the country, or grants from other sources. To support the performance of libraries, especially in the management of digital library systems, library Balitjestro equipped with facilities such as three computers for researchers to search and download online journals subscribed by the Agricultural Research Agency. Application used for the management of the library is CDS-ISIS and Igloo provided by REFERENCES Bogor for the benefit of the entire library standardization under the umbrella of the Agricultural Research Agency digital library system.

In addition to personal computers Balitjestro also have one unit that acts scanner to scan and convert text into a file manually printed electronics as well as a printer unit for printing electronic files required. Currently the library has subscribed to two online journals provided by REFERENCES Bogor. The integrated online journal that is and

For the sake of increasing the capacity of researchers, especially in reference to supply the best quality, Balitjestro give serious attention to the availability of scientific books. Therefore, efforts to add to a collection of books in English, especially in relation to agricultural science is conducted every year although the amount is not sufficient. Since 2006 – 2008 library Balitjestro have acquired English literature just like agricultural science in various disciplines (plant breeding, biotechnology, pests and diseases, statistics, information technology, etc.) in 2006 amounted to 110 pieces, in 2007 numbered 13 and in 2008 amounted to 119.

Currently there Balitjestro library collections in 706 titles of books and 22 titles of the journal / magazine. In order to enrich the collection, psutakawan Balitjestro use the internet facility the library for online material as mandated Balitjestro. In addition to providing services to researchers Balitjestro, the library also serves the students well from agriculture or public, farmers, and the general public.