Experimental Gardens

Experimental Gardens (EG) is one important element in the activities of research, assessment and development of agriculture, therefore it is time for more enhanced role experimental gardens as well as on the current stand and Development Agency, the experimental garden Research Station should ideally be high-profile. Balitjestro have 5 KP is KP Tlekung (Batu), KP Punten (Batu), KP Banaran (Batu), KP Kliran (Ayers) and KP Banjarsari (Probolinggo).

IAARD through KP future must produce a credible technological innovations and research results are used and have broad impact on society, two things are known as scientific recognition and impact recognition. KP became a central role to produce quality research that meets both of these elements.

Experimental garden in performing its functions need to have adequate facilities and infrastructure, to support activities as well as for activities litkaji – dissemination of results – the results of research and assessment.

Location Research and Assessment
Conservation Germplasm Collection / Genetic Resources
Source Seed Production
Gardens produsi