Replacing old citrus varieties is easier by top working

Various kinds of technology can be applied by farmers when cultivating citrus. With the application of the right cultivation technology, high production and plant health maintenance could be achieve at the same.

One technology that can be used by farmers if they want to replace adult plant varieties is Top Working. Usually these replacements are made to keep up with market demand for new varieties needed.

Top working is the technology of replacing mature plant that are already in the field with new varieties quickly, without having to discard the old plants.

This technique is done by grafting on the upper stem with desirable varieties to adult and healthy rootstock with a diameter between 5-30 cm.

Beside variety substitution, this method can also be done to improve the quality of production when the plants are old, have poor performance or other factors.

According to Agus Sugiyatno, a researcher at ICSFRI, the top working method of citrus plants can be done by bark grafting, cleft grafting, bud grafting and shoot grafting. Shoot grafting is used if other methods fail.

Top working plants will start producing after approximately 2 years after treatment.

The success of this technique is determined by the skills in top working and post-care.

With this technique, it will be easier for farmers to replace citrus varieties and improve the quality of their production. (af / source: balitjestro)


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