Strategic Plans

Potential and opportunities for agro-industry development of citrus and subtropical fruits in the next five years show prospects that need to be developed, although on the other side is also expected to increasingly complex and complex. Complexity is related to the dynamics of regional strategic environment, national, international and global, who will bear the challenges and threats.

Results of SWOT analysis to identify potential factors in the development of agro-strength citrus and subtropical fruits, among others: 1) wealth citrus germplasm with various advantages character has been largely terdiskripsi, 2) the availability of high yielding varieties that have high commercial value, 3) Supply of seeds quality disease-free citrus and subtropical fruits, 4) the availability of efficient cultivation of technological innovation, 5) fruit availability period is long enough AEZ diversity associated with development centers, and 6) support government policy in the form of regulations, laws, Kepmentan, Ministerial decree (Banking), Bill Horticulture.

Among the factors identified as weaknesses are: 1) inconsistent quality and demand quality products for the growing domestic market, 2) scale at farm level is narrow, scattered, diverse varieties, 3) weak and lack of coordination and system competence of farmers in marketing and market development.

There are six factors to be considered as opportunities, namely: 1) the availability of a wide area associated with the potential for new development land to meet market demand, 2) providing horticultural areas in 15 provinces, 3) a fairly long period of production in one year in association with the market, 4) the available workforce quite abundant, 5) sub-optimal availability of sufficient land area outside of Java island, has the potential for the development of new areas. 6) availability of sufficient domestic market potential and increasing, 7) the demand is quite high in certain months (October-January), especially for the Asian market.

While the threats that need to be considered not related to: 1) competition and the import of citrus and subtropical fruits from abroad, 2) global climate change is increasingly extreme demands the availability of location specific technologies / varieties, and 3) the availability of natural resources are increasingly limited, and 4) globalization of economy and trade, particularly the enactment of ACFTA.

Opportunities ahead of the most prominent for ICSFRI associated with regional strategic policy is the increasing attention of the Local Government on the progress of agricultural development in their respective areas in line with the program and the pace of regional autonomy. This gives an opportunity for efforts to increase the role and a more intensive cooperation with local government and other stakeholders. One other thing that helped accelerate the process of production and distribution of agricultural innovation is the rapid development of targeted information technologist.