Technical and Research Service Head

Technical and Research Service Head : Dr. Ir. Anang Triwiratno, MP

According to Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture No : 394/Kpts/Kp.330/6/2006, Section Head of Technical Services and Research Services and R & D SK NO AGENCY 31/KPTS/OT.160/J.2/07, has mandated the main task as follows:

Carry out the preparation of planning materials research activities, preparation of materials for preparing the program, preparation of materials research budget preparation, preparation materials plan of development and implementation of System Informarmasi Management (SIM) program and budget, preparation of materials for monitoring and evaluation of programs and budgets, preparation of materials for preparing the report, conduct affairs research facility, prepare planning materials research collaboration, dissemination and promotion to the preparation of the commercialization of research affairs, conduct affairs publication of research results; Preparing promotional materials report the results of research and public relations, coordinating and implementing programs pelayanaan library, and Preparing for materials handling IPR