Administration Head

Administration Head :  Ir. Wisnu Unjoyo, SP.


Doing business administration personnel, finance, equipment, mailings, filing and households based on the Decree of the Head of Research and Development of Agriculture. Details of Job Duties 31/Kpts/OT.160/J/2/07 about Echelon IV and Research Institute for Agricultural Research and Development Agency BPTP scope within the framework of implementing the main tasks and functions of the Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Fruits Research Institute (ICSFRI)


  1. Create RKA-KL draft of ICSFRI in the field of administrative
  2. Detailed Operations Plan  as supporting data RKA-KL Administration and implement an annual field
  3. Designing Director Letter of Decree on the implementation of DIPA, POK and RKA-KL ICSFRI
  4. Develop Operational Plan (ROK) and the Conduct of the annual budget in the DIPA ICSFRI
  5. Develop Master Plan for Development   of Human Resources ICSFRI in Year 2015-2019
  6. Carry out the preparation of the concept of organization and management improvement
  7. Reading the in letters
  8. Preparing the draft reply letters in and out in the field of administration
  9. DP3 and DP4 rate employees in the field of administration
  10. Following the development of regulations in the fields of personnel, finance and other regulations related to the implementation of governance
  11. Facilitate file management staffing proposal mutation
  12. Maintaining a database of SIMPEG
  13. Distribute and give the implementation of administrative staff duties
  14. Assist the lead in proposing candidates for budget managers
  15. Prepare draft responses LHP
  16. Assist the lead in solving the financial statements level UAKPA
  17. Perform preparation and evaluation of target non-tax revenues
  18. Assist leadership in organizing accounting BMN
  19. Perform maintenance of inactive records
  20. Controlling the housekeeping and security
  21. Prepare an annual report of the administrative activities
  22. Compiling reports and consignment business travel
  23. Perform testing and publishing SPM
  24. Providing service to the official gues