Launching of New Innovation Technologies

ICSFRI launched new technologies on 30 September 2017. There were four new innovations introduced to the public. The innovations were created through overcome problems related to citrus. The four innovation technologies are:

1). Expert system utilizes the advance of information technology and network by using web-based application. In the future, the application will be further developed so it can be downloaded through smart phone as well.  Some tools are installed in the field and the data obtained could be sent online so that the user could monitor the field real time

2) Slow release fertilizers are created to overcome leaching of fertilizers in the field as well as provide the fertilizer according to the need of the plants which based on the chemical state in root environment and plant growth.  The innovators claimed the slow release fertilizers are inexpensive, environmental friendly as well as provide complete nutrition based on plant growth.

3) BPA is a tool used for pesticide application on the bark. It claims to be efficient in pest controlling, safe for natural enemy and environmental friendly.

4) Rapid CVPD Detection Kit boasts the efficient time for CVPD detection as well as easy use, simple procedure and inexpensive tools that could be used in the field.

Those innovations were introduced via press release/press conference as well a workshop which was joined by the research staffs from several regional AIAT (Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology), regional agricultural offices and extension officers, farmers groups and other stakeholders. The use of each technology was presented by the innovators. The participants were also given time to do some practices on how to use the tools of related technologies. Participants were eager to get the tools on their hands so they could practice and use it back home, especially for kit, fertilizer as well as BPA. Unfortunately, the mass production of the tools and kit has not been arranged with third party yet. Perhaps in near future they will be available for users (bq).

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