Half of a Soul for SoE

His name is Arry Supriyanto. He has an occupation as a researcher in Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Fruits Research Institute. Through his hands, the development of Mandarin SoE in Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS) Region has improved positively.

Born in Malang, this calm yet humorous person has been dedicated half of his soul for Mandarin SoE. He becomes a friend for the citrus grower in that area. Though his visit sometimes did not get grant support from the government, he still went so that the innovation technology that required by the growers could be fulfilled. It is considered that SoE has been his second hometown.

Though he is no longer in his prime youth, his passion for Mandarin SoE is still soaring, showing his loyalty in guiding the adventure team and sharing the information about the variety.

According to him, the decrease of Mandarin SoE plantation area has been caused by the dead of plenty of old plants due to poor maintenance as well as long dry season. In addition, the establishment of citrus production center a decade ago has not showed some good results due to the lack of quality citrus seeds.

IAARD has done several researches on innovation technology support under the program Development of Agribusiness Area for Mandarin SoE in TTS. The programs focus on the effort to establish system and to improve the seed production process for quality seed, which is the key to a successful and sustainable citrus agribusiness.

The programs have been done by ICSFRI, AIAT NTT and the local agricultural officers in 4 nursery groups at District of Mollo Tengah and Utara, TTS Region. The goal is to accelerate the adoption on recommended technology for blue label seed production.

In nearly three years, the nursery group has adopted about 85.2% of the technology offered which is an improvement from the starting point at 37,1%. In the end of research program in 2014, the nursery group could produce the blue label seeds in polybags for the first time.

The death bell of Mandarin SoE actually has been heard before 2010. But nowadays, the regional government of TTS, the nursery group and citrus growers are ready to revive the glory of the decent variety and are preparing to face the MEA 2016. (Lis – Sinar Tani Edisi 3-9 Juni 2015.


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