Citrus Improvement Program

Citrus improvement program was designed to improve productivity in the production area through agro-ecological and innovative technology approaches. The programs were cooperative activities between local government and Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Fruits Research Institute (ICSFRI).

ICSFRI is a technical implementing unit that is mandated and designed for citrus and subtropical fruits research and development in Indonesia. The institution has more than 250 accessions of citrus collection and released more than 50 superior citrus varieties. The varieties have now been disseminated at 50 regencies in 28 provinces in Indonesia for the establishment of citrus agribusiness zone.

The program is called Integrated Management of Health Citrus Orchards (IMHCO) that covered certified citrus nursery stocks, Bujangseta (technology to produce citrus fruit year-round and harvesting), top working and post-harvest proper handling.

The success of citrus plantation begins from healthy and qualified planting materials. In response to the respected situation, ICSFRI with the certified ISO 17025-2015 testing laboratory and ISO 9001-2018 elite planting material production unit has a standard procedure in indexing seedling health and producing disease-free planting materials.

The mother stock plant was indexing for bacterial and systemic disease containment. The disease-contained stock plants were destroyed, while citrus disease-free mother plants were massively propagated using in vitro procedures. After propagated, the plants were then kept under controlled environment in the screen house and served as the primary source scions. The mother plants were regularly indexed for systemic and bacterial diseases to ensure the quality of seedlings produced from these stock plants Navarro et al. (1975).

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