Development of Horticulture Agribusiness Regions

Development of Horticulture Agribusiness Region is one of the policy implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture, that the development of superior commodities aimed at developing an integrated region vertically and / or horizontally with the consolidation of productive enterprise-based economic community organizations with high competitiveness in local and international markets. Such programs need to be supported optimally in order to have a real impact on the increase in the value of GDP, export earnings and welfare of farmers. One of the necessary support in PKAH is the application of technological innovations that can be technology, institutional and policy as the main factors increasing the competitiveness and added value. Given the highly strategic role, then support the application of technological innovation needs to be done systematically.

Horticulture Agribusiness Region is a geographical space that has the likeness of the ecosystem and are united by the same infrastructure facilities so as to form region that contains a variety of business activities including the provision of means of production, cultivation, post-harvest handling and processing, marketing, and various supporting activities. The underlying consideration is the formation of the region:

Raising a skilled workforce and specialized,
Pooled investment, inputs and services,
Development of network marketing, and
Rapid technology diffusion.

Regions agribusiness horticultural traits are (1). Commonality, similarity and togetherness, namely consolidation of allied efforts to generate economic growth, (2). Concentration, ie the concentration of diverse business activities, and (3). Connectivity, namely mutual terkaitan.


Support technological innovation in the development of the agribusiness department of citrus and subtropical fruits This is a research and development research Litbangtan Agency in the implementation involving the local Department of Agriculture and other related organizations both provincial and district levels. Location provinces are set each year a proposal from the provincial government through the Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural Research in the relevant provinces. Given provpinsi elected has the character of land and socio-cultural background different farmers, the approach must support technological innovation and user-specific locations. All activities use as a garden demoplot selected farmers intensively managed using recommended technology with the smallest unit of coaching a group of peasants. In addition as a vehicle for education and training, from demoplot expected diffusion and adoption of recommended technology seeps adjacent farmer groups

Scope of Activities

Support technological innovation of the Agricultural Research Agency in this regard Balitjestro And BPTP provinces can be either (1). Training officers and key peltani; (2). Technological assistance to build the demo plot, as a resource, and dispatch of technical experts assisting the application of recommended technology. The commencement of the activities of each province may be different so as to have a progress report differently. BPTP provincial and local governments are expected to be instrumental in the realization heaved citrus agribusiness in the target region.

Methods and Analysis

This development study has been conducted in 2013, consists of two main activities, namely the implementation of engineering support of technological innovation in the orange agribusiness development in NTT, and support of technological innovation in the development of citrus agribusiness in the province of West Sumatra, Bengkulu, East Java and East Kalimantan. Research into two, is expected to solidify the results of the first study in which the support model innovation generated Litbangtan Agency will be referred nationally for the development of agri-orange region.

Support technological innovation in seed production of tangerines SoE in TTS and TTU regency, East Nusa Tenggara

Design of support for technological innovation tangerines SoE in the district TTS, NTT has been developed and continue to be consolidated and synergized program and its implementation by the relevant institutions central / provincial / district and agribusiness in TTS support technological innovations that will be implemented in 2013 was the seed tangerine SoE in polybags, demoplot new planting in the location of horticulture department Director General of horticulture, and demoplot farm management at the center of tangerine production for SoE, as well as institutional strengthening of breeders and farmers as in the design and support of technological innovation roadmap that has been compiled

Demonstration plots citrus seed in polythene bags has been built on the site pd Oinlasi, district South Mollo where its owners are already very experienced in producing disease-free citrus seeds. Approximately more than 3,000 polybags diameter x height: 10 cm x 25 cm was filled in the local media and the rootstock seedlings planted and maintained optimal RL, until ready grafted seedlings and grafting seedlings ready to be planted in the field. Benchmarking the performance of the growth of seedlings carried to the seed carried in the beds with the observed variables include height and diameter growth of seedlings, percent so grafting, height and diameter growth of seedlings grafting. The adoption rate was evaluated by a survey using a list of key questions that have been prepared.

BPTP along with the Agency for Agriculture and Food Security Extension rtingkat provinces and districts responsible for institutional strengthening activities. Development of farmer groups in such a way to hierarchically ascend to the status of independent farmer group, which is capable of accessing technology, banking, and market information. Orange agribusiness area development involves many agencies of the central, provincial to the district which would require deleniasi responsibilities in accordance with the duties.