Genetic Diversity of Local Cultivars of Dimocarpus longan in Indonesia: Preliminary Study Based on ISSR Markers

ISHS Acta Horticulturae 975: IV International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits: 97-102, 2013

B.D. Mariana, A. Sugiyatno and A. Supriyanto


There is no clear history of longan development in Indonesia even though it has been a well developed crop for many years. This study to observe genetic ┬ádiversity of local longan, was carried out at the Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Research Institute (ICSFRI) from March to April 2008. ISSR markers were employed to identify genetic variation among eight morphologically more or less alike genotypes of longan. Matrix data were counted and a dendogram of the genotypes was established using the UPGMA and SAHN methods. The cluster showed a similarity value of 0.34 – 0.86. The highest similarity value was observed between KL I and KL II (0.86) while the lowest was obtained between KL I and KL V/KL VI (0.34). ISSR markers were able to identify the genetic diversity within longan and were helpful in providing information on genetic diversity, especially for future breeding programs in Indonesia.

Keywords: Dimocarpus longan, genetic diversity, ISSR markers, similarity value

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