The Prospect of Developing Grapevine

Grape is one of the fruits favored by people in all age. Its sweet taste and attractive shape make it suitable as the table fruit. Nowadays, grape fruit is easy to find either in traditional market or in supermarket. At this condition, grape becomes one of the potential fruits to be developed.

Apart from the taste and nice shape, grape is a nutritional food that good for the body and also has high economic value. The price in the market for local grape is approximately IDR 20.000/kg while the imported ones can reach higher price at IDR 40-80.000/kg

At present, imported fruits are easy to be found nearly in all regions. As a matter of fact, local grapes have comparable quality to the imported ones. There are several varieties that already been released by Minister of Agriculture, namely Prabu Bestari, Kediri Kuning, Jestro AG 60 and more which can be developed. The plant can be cultivated in a large scale as in orchard or just in the house backyard

Currently, IAARD has about 49 accessions in the grape germ plasm collection which are managed in Banjarsari Experimental Field. The most preferred varieties are Probolinggo Super and Prabu Bestari which have red skin and sweet taste. Prabu Bestari is one of the prime horticultural commodities either locally or nationally.

For grape development, cooperation between farmer-related institution and agency is required. The cooperation is needed to encourage farmers to be more diligent in working of grape cultivation by following the already released innovation technology. By following the rules and recommended cultivation technology, farmers can improve the fruit quality and quantity as well as minimize the pest and disease attack. Thus, it is expected that the high yield and quality fruits resulting from the cultivation are able to compete with the imported fruits and later on may improve farmer’s income and welfare. [fajar/balitjestro]

[English version by Baiq Dina Mariana]


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