The exotic fruit from Kisar Island: Kisar Orange

Jeruk Manis Kisar/ foto:
Jeruk Manis Kisar/ foto:

Kisar Island is one of the many unfamiliar islands for most people. Kisar is a part of the territory of the district of Southwest Maluku, Maluku province and includes the foremost islands bordering the state of East Timor and Australia. The island has a variety of potential natural resources that can be developed for tourism with its natural beauty and beaches and for agriculture and livestock.

One of the typical agricultural products of this island is Kisar orange. The exotic orange has become the pride of the community that makes it not yet complete when visiting Kisar without tasting the orange fruit and bring it as a souvenir. The orange has been grown for generations by the community and then become a flagship product for the Kisar Island. The orange crop could grow there despite the dry and harsh condition.

Kisar orange has been established as one of the national citrus varieties with Minister of Agriculture Decree 864 / Kpts / TP.240 / 11/1998, dated November 4, 1998. The orange has fresh and sweet taste, medium fruit size, orange skin, long shelf life, delicate aroma, high water content and is also resistant to drought.

Kisar Island has high possibility to become a production center of Kisar orange due to not only the suitable climate, but also the land availability for development. Available market and competitive price are also contributed to it.

By applying Integrated Management of Healthy Citrus Orchard (PTKJS) fully and correctly and adopted by farmers, it is expected that Kisar orange can grow well and produce fruit optimally. Moreover, the availability of means of transportation will facilitate the marketing of oranges so that it can be enjoyed by wider community outside the island and could also improve the prosperity of the community in Kisar Island (Fjr/source: Ir.Agus Sugiyatno, MP dan Setiono, SP/tr:bq)

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