Technical Guidance for Air Layering of Longan

There are two ways for propagation of longan, generative and vegetative. Propagation by generative (seedling) aims to discover new varieties and as rootstock (rootstock). New variety may emerged due to the nature of longan as an open pollinated crop that has high heterozygosity. On the other hand, vegetative propagation is meant for cultivation.

One of the methods of vegetative propagation of longan is air layering. Propagation by grafting has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are the clones have the same traits with its parent and it is easier, while the disadvantages are the plants resulted are easily collapse when grow big due to fibrous roots with no tap root.

Due to the nature of the similar character with its parents, the plants which are vegetatively propagated should have high fruit production and high fruit quality. If you already have an appropriate parent plant, the next step is as follows:

  • Prepare materials and tools. Materials and tools used are media, plastic, rope and knife.
  • Choose a straight twigs
  • Sliver / eliminate the cambium in a circle on the rod with a length of 3-5 cm. The length from the tip of the leaf branches to the cutouts at least 50 cm.
  • Let it stand for 1-2 days so that the cambium that still stuck in the wood dries.
  • Soak the media to be used into the water.
  • Install plastic for media holder by tying the plastic below the cut off stems.
  • Insert the media into the plastic then tied again.
  • Keep the media moisture by watering if the it starts to dry

Graft success marked by the formation of roots that can be seen from outside. If no roots formed, the graft does not succeed. It is usually due to the persistent cambium is still attached to the wood so that the cambium formed back or can also caused by a less humid ( dry ) media. Good luck!

By: Buyung Al Fanshuri and Supriyanto
Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Fruits Research Institute
Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development
Publish at 14 May, 2015

(translated by baiq)


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