Role of ICSFRI in a seminar during AGRO-EXPO Week 2017 at OE-CUSSE AMBENO, Timor Leste

ICSFRI joined a seminar in Timor Leste which was represented by Dr Dita Agisimanto as one of the speakers.

The Regional Seminar was held in AGRO-EXPO Week 2017, Thursday 19/10/2017. The theme of the Seminar was “BUILDING A COMPETITIVE AGRICULTURE IN OE-CUSSE AMBENO; IDEAS TO PROMOTE SMART PRODUCTIVE SPECIALIZATION “.

The seminar was opened by Mr. ARSENIO PAIXAO BANO. The speakers involved were Mr. Regio Da Cruz Salu from Oe-Cusse Ambeno, Ms. Laura Maria Fiarotto of UNDP, Ms. Christina NGO World Neighbors, Sharon Alder from OXFAM, Mr. Decio Riberio Sarmento from Trade Invest, Mr. Lamberto Salu from DITKREO, Mr. Hugo Lebre from FSC, and Tennant Fenton from New Zealand.

The Oe-Cusse Ambeno Authority is a special area of ​​East Timor which is developing actively. Regional development is supported by the USAID Fund and overseen by UNDP. It is  dry and barren areas, due to forest burning activities. Government authorities want to develop the agricultural sector begins with environmental improvement, increasing the absorption of rainwater to enhance groundwater. Water management program has been made comprehensively to make the authority a self-sufficient area of ​​horticultural products, especially fruits and vegetables. This is important as the area will take the role as a tourist destination. Citrus is a product to be developed since its commercial value is known to the public.
A development strategy will be discussed between the Authority and the ICSFRI. Citrus development activities will be integrated into their big program overseen by UNDP and other international organizations involved in the development. ICSFRI’s staff will benefit from the expert international network. The good news is that at the ministerial level the MOUs of the two ministers of agriculture from both countries will be soon signed.

Seminar activities were closed with discussions guided by Mr. Regio. In the closing, the regional secretary in agriculture stated that experts in the field of agriculture have been brought in, and the people are encouraged to learn and become good farmers in the future. The government program is expected to be enthusiastically welcomed so that the authority could become producers capable of producing products with quantity and quality meet commercialization demands. The event was closed by Director Agricultura Mr. Sarilo Do Remedius Baba (dita agisimanto/tr:bq)

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