Rehabilitation activities of Pontianak Tangerine in Sambas Regency

The mission to restore the fame of tangerine Pontianak in Sambas regency, West Kalimantan has been started since 2016 with a series of research activities. One of the activities focused on creating a new demonstration plot in Tebas in the village of Matanglabong and Pusaka by planting as many as 2000 of citrus disease-free seeds.

In order to accomplish the mission, farmers are expected to know and understand the role of disease-free seeds in the field and how to properly manage the plants. To achieve that, ICSFRI assisted and escorted the planting activities by presenting the Integrated Management of Healthy Citrus Orchard (IMHCO) properly.

Assistance began with the IMHCO training for selected farmers and field workers in ICSFRI. The activity then continued with the new planting of Pontianak tangerine using citrus disease-free seed. In 2017, the activity was started by rehabilitation of Pontianak tangerin on the adult plants in Sebuk Tanjung. The activity was conducted at farmer group Tani Alam Jaya 2 consisting of 28 members with the total citrus plant population of approximately 900 trees.

The next stage was the data collection of plants suspected of HLB and diplodia diseases. The results of the survey on farmer groups showed that there were 620 citrus plants indicated of having the 2 diseases attack. The next step was to get rid the attacked plants and substitute with the new plant of disease-free seeds from ICSFRI. The plant substitution was aimed to suppress the attack of HLB disease under 5%.

A series of activities have been undertaken to suppress the development of HLB disease by conducting FGDs with the Head of Agricultural Office of Sambas Regency, Tanjungpura University, ICSFRI, officers and farmers followed by giving short training to group members. The focus of the training is on citrus psyllid, the vector insects or disease transmitters, and its control as well as healthy citrus cultivation techniques. (Otto / fjr/ tr:bq)

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