Poncokusumo relies on its apple and beautiful nature.

Poncokusumo, Malang is famous for its apple commodity as well as the cool and beautiful mountain scenery that attract many tourists to visit.

Apple plantation in Poncokusumo covers more than 250 ha area. It is estimated that daily apple transaction worths 80 million rupiahs. It is one of the very reasons of Poncokusumo being one of the picking fruit tourist attractions. There are many popular apple varieties cultivated, such as Ana, Rome Beauty, and Manalagi. Bambang Mulyono, 43, head of the village, stated that the village is located on 1400 m above sea level with total area of 686,8 ha.

Of those area, beside 250 ha for apple, there are also 110 ha citrus plantation and 100 ha of sugarcane plantation, and the remaining land is for vegetables and residence of 2,005 families. Almost all of those residents work in the agricultural sector related to apple, including nurseries, cultivation, trading, and fruit processing. “Most residents obtain their income from apple” said Bambang during a visit to his house after farming on Friday (4/7).

In addition, he said that the big potency of apple makes the village famous in Malang and the nighborhood area. During apple golden age in 1990s, the apple was once exported to Malaysia, Singapore, and Hongkong. Unfortunately, it is now only a history. The apple now is only distributed to Malang and the nighborhood, several cities in East Java, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Samarinda and several other cities outside Java.

Poncokusumo is not only famous for its apple but also popular for its cool weather. Poncokusumo claimed to be a picking fruit tourist attraction since 1990s. The tourists could enjoy the fruit in the orchard as well as the juice that has been processed as apple drink. Nowadays, food and drink processed from apple from Young Farmers’ Communication Forum of Poncokusumo

According to the history, apple in Poncokusumo was brought there in 1960 by Dutch. After a while, the farmers were given the seedling which were then developed to nowadays’ plantations. Although the yield has decreased, Bambang still wants apple to be the icon of Poncokusumo and continue exists in that area. Therefore, the people there still maintain their apple crops, at least to be used as processed food and drink. [Jawa Pos, July 6, 2014]


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