Pacitan as a Pilot Plot for Dry Land Based Agriculture



Agricultural Technology Park (ATP) in Pacitan was officially opened in Pringkuku District on Tuesday 16 February 2016. The ceremony was attended by Director of IAARD Dr Muhammad Syakir, the Regent of Pacitan Drs. Indartato, MM, Vice Chairman of Commission IV Indonesian House of Representative Herman Khoiron and member of Commission X Eddy Bhaskoro Yudhoyono as well as officers from local government and Ministry of Agriculture.

Pacitan ATP is a medium to socialize technology innovation achieved by Ministry of Agriculture to support food sovereignty program launched by the government. It is expected that by applying those innovation introduced in the ATP, farmers in Pacitan could improve their yield/production.

In ATP, the community could see and learn personally how to apply agricultural technology for several commodities, including mandarin Terigas, Madura, Tejakula, Siem Madu Tangerine, and Pacitan sweet orange. In addition, they can also observe technology for livestock, PO cows, and for food crops such as rice, corn, legumes and tuber.

In his speech, Director of IAARD stated that ATP is a terminal to accelerate technology innovation. ATP should be the pilot for agricultural plot of dry land based in Indonesia. With the support of environmental-friendly technology innovation, added value for product could be improved. Furthermore, Pacitan is expected to be a center for dry land based agricultural training in Indonesia.

The Regent, Drs. Indartato, MM, said that the ATP in Pacitan is really appropriate that could stimulate farmers to improve their farming system, particularly for rice, corn, and soybean. Thus, farmers could apply the obtained technology in their farms.

ATP is a medium to disseminate the resulted technology as well as its application so that the farmers could apply it in their farming systems to improve yield/production.

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