Boost the Care Towards Local Fruits Through Educational Tour and Pick Your Own Event of Citrus Fruits

As one of the institutes under the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, ICSFRI seeks to provide innovation in the development of citrus and subtropical fruits which could be adopted by farmers

Based on the assigned task and function, ICSFRI has been able to produce technology for increasing production and quality of citrus fruits. The technology has been disseminated in various citrus centers in Indonesia to be adopted as a guideline in the development of citrus agribusiness.

One of the many activities in which technology dissemination could be done is through a combined event for Citrus Educational Tour and Pick-Your-Own which was held from July 10th to 16th. This activity was officially opened by the Director of ICSFRI, Dr.Ir. Muhammad Taufiq Ratule, M.Si who picked some citrus fruits in the Visitor Plot and gave them to the stakeholders that attending the ceremony to officially opened the event. This event was open for the public.

Mr. Ratule then explained the government plan in 2018 which will be focused on horticultural commodities. One of them is to disseminate citrus seeds nationally in the hope that citrus will be spread in other areas besides the currently existing citrus center to increase the fruit production as well as to strengthen the commodity nationally with the support of technological innovations that have been produced.

The public gave warm responds to the event, flooding the site as soon as the event opened. They came from various backgrounds i.e. farmers, government institution, private company, students and etc. It is expected that, through this event, public in general and the stakeholders in citrus agribusiness could learn and implement the technology used in Visitor Plot.

Furthermore, it is expected that the visitors could learn and know about the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development along with the innovations technology produced which could be adopted by farmers. In addition, through the event, it is expected that the concern and care of Indonesian people towards local fruits will be increased and that they may appreciated that the local fruits could compete with the imported fruits, especially citrus. (fjr/tr:bq

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