Analysis of Stomata, Chloroplast, and Chromosome of Local Mandarin Citrus (Citrus reticulata) Plants Grown from Endosperm Culture

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 406, 2nd International Conference on Life and Applied Sciences for Sustainable Rural Development 20–22 November 2019, Purwokerto, Indonesia

Mia Kosmiatin, Chaireni Martasari, Frizky Amelia Kurniawati, Rinanda Gandhi Ningrum Prasetia, Prita Sari Dewi

This research aimed to identify accessions of jeruk keprok Garut plants (Citrus reticulata) grown from endosperm culture with stomata analysis, chloroplasts analysis, and chromosome analysis. This research was conducted at the Plant Breeding Laboratory of Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Fruits Research Institute (ICSFRI), Malang. This research used seven accessions of jeruk keprok Garut (local mandarin citrus) from endosperm culture and mother plant of Garut mandarin. Data analysis was carried out with the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) application Application 22.0. The alignment analysis showed that all one accession (GT 224) out of seven accessions of Garut mandarin grown from the endosperm cultures is consistent with the mother plant according to chromosome number observation, stomata number observation, and chloroplast number observation.

Keywords: local mandarin, endosperm culture, stomata, chloroplast, and chromosomes

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